Monday, June 12, 2006

Belongings for Hyde Park Calling

Passport, e-ticket,Hotel booking confirmation,GBP cash,credit-card,insurance policy(for overseas travel),post-it(tag),tablets for rhinitis,klinex(silky one),ziplock(small,medium, large/very useful!can see inside without opening),mini sewing-kit,camera,eyeglasses and case,calculator,slipper,sunglasses,sunprotect,shower cap,Little Martin on my shoulder???,and ......

MY LOVE to The Who! It is deeper than SEA.

Anything else? OH! I haven't received the ticket yet...Anyone who received one?

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Renewal my blog and cartoon of The Who

Almost completed renewal of my blog. I put my profile, too. That's why Lisa encouraged me to do.Thanks Lisa!! I happened on several parts of cartoon. The Who was THERE. Very interesting one, isn't it? Maybe it was issued in around 1999 . This is its rough rough outline, here you go♪

From left side  John→ Keith→ Pete→ Roger
*Only John's dialouge is written in English."ME TOO!"lol.

The hero(a Japanese guy)'s girlfriend went to USA. Then she was killed by somebody. He went to USA all alone to take away the enmity of her who had been killed. He went to meet The Who at the dressing room in some venue after their gig was ended.They were drinking beer. He explained circumstances,asked for cooperation to them, and did the promise to pass them BIG AMOUNT OF CASH as a reward. Thanks to them, he could MAKE IT! (He could meet the very important person. They set a meeting between him(hero) and HIM(the very important person).They just told him "Good luck!" and send him off, without receiving reward.How cool they were....THE END.

John was presented this cartoon by Japanese fan when he went to Japan.I heard he liked it very much. Hope you like it...Thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Hyde Park Calling

I BOUGHT a ticket of Hyde Park Calling on July 2nd. Hurrah!!BUT what makes me worry is.... whether I can take "enough days off" to go to London then.I need AT LEAST 4days. I cross my fingers.. Please let me go to London in July.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I'm BACK from NYC

I was living with snow in NYC. haha!! The pic was taken at Village, midnight.

Thursday, February 02, 2006


I wanna paint my heart green like above photo...IF I COULD.It was taken at Aster Place, East village in NYC.One of my favorite ptotos I have been taken so far.

Today even music went through myself and turn to NOISE, bad day..
No matter what happening to me tommorrow, I'll be here as usual. I should think life is not bad.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Tommy is going to NYC !!

Yes! I am going tp NYC next month.I have a friend in NYC who is a longtime The Who freak.She and her friends used to have drinks with John at the Hotel Bar he stayed everytime he went to tour in MSG as The Who. Can't wait see her. That's one of my reasons going to NYC.

Some of other reasons are ....
1) Black Hound See above pics, looks so yummy. 2)Sarabeth's Kitchen Best chocolate brownies and preserves I've ever had!! And lovely restraunt(not only food but also their service).
3)Hanging around Chealsea,Village,Tribecca,China town, Korean Town..

If you blogger have some recommendation about food, restraunt,place to go etc..,please let me know, love to hear from you. Now I am thinking where to stay this time. Chealsea Hotel has been renovated recently, that made this hotel less attractive.Anyone agree with me?

I went to chat party at BallerinaGurl this morning. Though I couldn't catch up all of chats(going a little faster to type for me, as I am not good at English very well,haha),it was fun really.Thanks Ric & Molly.Simon and Mikey joined, too!!Rachel tried to join, but she couldn't due to somthing wrong with site or pc.Sorry for her..

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Tommy can see for miles?

This is "I Can See For Miles"of The Who/Japanese 7 inch which I have. They are so young and so cute. It is one of the most favorite PS of my The Who 7 inch collection.Also I LOVE the song itself.Keith's drumming was nothing but fabulous.It makes me so happy and gives me energy.
I sing it everytime I go to KARAOKE.Oh, YEAH!!

I found the PS in eBay auction. I was surprised to see its BUY IT NOW price.It is about $600!!HOHOHO!!